God,Guru and self are one.


"i think your preety
how do you know when someones thinking about you , can you see it in their eyes
what exactly reflects of thoughts that you can see yourself in someones eyes
what is in the will of god
how this world goes round and round and the inspiration comes out
the fire of art
terrible grammar and a strong heart
the driving force of god is in the love you know. how can i explain these things happening to her. what is the purpose of words ? are they empty sounds for things we feel ?
when does words sound real? and when do we feel
like we did
when the drugs are your words and the sound gets me high
does the time stop?
it did for you and i
the medicine you know what it is
latley i been getting these october feels , how many times and how many hearts as the wind came by
the wind that drives the leaves mad and the makes the trees high floweing the code
of fall
what is in a mind? what is in a mind that could leave me blind
is it a mind? is it your thoughts? i know my heart my heart knows
my mind is racing
different faces come while the broken ends of my hair shine with the love of the sun
as i think of all the loves of loves
all the highs of highs i have had in my life
and how theres sounds to all the smiles
all the sunsets
of my present pains
i decided to call them pains because my proud mouth wont let me
sit here and recall their names
when someone makes you love when you thought you couldnt love thats worth fighting for
when i met you i heard the rain song again
and my heart rejoiced at the divinity of love the possibility that purly a soul can make you high
what makes us feel like jimmy pages guitar in the rain song
being interwtind with the forever sky floating as love passes by
the heart knows o the heart knows when we are together
my god you made me hear rain song again
and know your gone?
why is it that i always like someone in a room
but not as quite as they way i liked you and him why is it about man that drive me this way? how can i walk in a bar and fall momentarly in love with someone sitting by admire him in all his art.
or the kid in my anthropology class how i appreciate a mans anatomy drunk in lust with my eyes and quickly let it go by forgetting it all until the next time it comes to my eye
how can i sit in my other class
and lets someones personality shine so much that they get cuter into thine eye
yet forget him in an instant
how can we make love to friends and feel nothing in the end
what makes an october day
that makes us say everything we say
that makes us love what we love and who we love „ who exactly who decides these things ?
in our hearts we know we know what makes us feel this way
love and only love here to stay. Its october 9 „ IT was october ninth my brother john my sister and father john my mother and cousin john
hes gone
my head hurts i cant belive i drank hennesy and all „ i went to a bar i felt out of place but i got satisfaction through a mans face after all i had done my hair
as i walked in some guys extended his hands and said
i will open doors for you the other guy said
may i get you a drink
so empty
yet so fufilling what im i looking for? its not head or body its not looks its not you
. im just sitting here fuzed in the cosmos floating in gods good grace forever gratefull for my breath , my mother sweet caress siting here in her bed
my father next to her
my sister laying in her bed
what is life? God? why is this happening to my best friend? why is it that i dont know what to say?
what can i do when its alll up to her next breath
all this sitting in the october air my brother john floating in the air
the hennesy hurts my head"



unknown artist

Huichol art, Mexico
"Com as coisas que eu vi
Eu não podia esquecer
Eu preciso de alguém para olha
Eles se divertem, mas não ay nada compara
O coração
Aqui e ali por um outro homem que eu vi
São as paredes não foi meu"

"learn live love
every second
forever present
south campus is driving me crazy
maybe i should stick to central for a while"