God,Guru and self are one.

"Pinta abuelito sana sana toda mi alma"

"A un lindo viaje cerca de dios"

"Pinta abueltio . Pinta mi taita"


Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Circles”
2. July 2014

enter sailing of the heart enter beauty tear apart time. essence
Sweat lodge pages
Lakota sayings
With time
we sing to the one rythim of the heart we write love in every deed
We thank god in everything
We unite and we cry the anthem of the heart
As the sea falls into one, as the sun sinks into the never-ending light
As we wait for the fire that will keep us warm in the womb of us all we unite
One sweat lodge


We win baby colombia 4 - japón 1 yeaahhh!!!!
7. June 2014

Looking at the moon, seeing all my brothers ,my sisters ,my family praying tonight . Every where in the world, our comunity Strong . Feeling blessed in this path we gota take this love we have to take this frequemcy and rise.
The moon reflects the love inside

todos los universos caen , los rios que caen del cielo
el milagro de dios
entodo lo que vemos

the universe slowly falls as the rivers cry the great song of existance
in an istant
water blesses our sky and all thats dry
becomes moist in an istant
water that gives us life , for we canot live without this miracle
rains from the sky , in an act of pure magic
o water great miracle when you come down , makes me feel the great gift of existance
of extreme love and wisdom

medicine for the medicine

we are an infinite river flowing through space connected to all else in existance
in a beautiful spiral of life we flow through the greatest gift of all.
beautiful stars as, we float to the cosmos time after time
we find our hearts and this path right on home , we must go now


i want to write to the whole world and tell them i love them
infact i want to grab everything and tell i love it
why dont we have these thoughts put in to a word and endless word
and endless term for existance for all that is life
for all that we dont consider life
is all….. after all existance , even this blanket this song
its happening i can feel the soft whisper of god in this blanket
continious love through medicine i have learned everything absoulutly everthing is great spirit
communicate with these spirits tell them you love them and your infinite home
tell the world that you are endlessly in love with your connection
the great spirit is everything
the great spirit is all
its everything
its us
speak to it
connect to the higher realms of existance all in conciouss unity
and feel the great gift of your living
of your lungs constantly breathing , your heart pumps every second of this life
how beautiful is that ?
being able to share a momment together , as a whole, every moment we share with endless existance the immense beauty of reality coexisting all at once , all over the world , all over the galaxy floating in the endless sea of existance, all toghther every second
we live in paradise


The sky
Is a suspended blue ocean.
The stars are the fish
That swim.

The planets are the white whales
I sometimes hitch a ride on,

And the sun and all light
Have forever fused themselves

Into my heart and upon
My skin.


Hafiz, “A Suspended Blue Ocean” (via larmoyante)

(via tokerightmeow)